Your hallway should be stylish, welcoming and practical here are my tips

Hallways set the tone for how we and our guests feel about coming into our homes. … very often a hallway can become the dumping ground for an assortment of shoes, coats, school bags, sports kits, golf clubs etc.

  • Layout: First improve the layout – assess all the space available including the walls, above and around doors and under the stairs. Are there any storage opportunities you’ve overlooked? Consider whether the cupboard under the stairs is being used to its full potential, or could it benefit from being fitted out properly to take anything from the hover to shoes. Or could you remove it completely to help the hallway feel more spacious.
  • Colour: Get the colour right. Many hallways aren’t blessed with much natural light and are small so beware of using dark wall colours that will make the room feel even smaller. Use tones that are soft on the eye, appearing to stretch the space such as pale blues and greys.
  • Focal Point: If you have the luxury of more room add impact with a colourful armchair and create a focal point or adds character and functionality by using a dual purpose piece that hides shoes inside, such as the Hemmes shoe cabinet from IKEA
  • Mirrors: The good thing about having mirror(s) is that they make the hallway appear wider. They will also reflect light well, making it seem brighter. There are various options: You can have a long, wide mirror that touches the ceiling and carpet, a medium-sized one that can be hanged above the console table or a set of small, vintage mirrors placed at vantage positions along the hallway. When using mirrors, they should be placed strategically, such as opposite the front door to reflect as much natural light as possible, and a good size for maximum effect.

  • Remember less is more!!

Jane Dennehy,

Jane Dennehy Interiors From single room makeovers to major refurbishments, to newly built homes or commercial properties, Jane Dennehy Interiors offers vibrant and professional interior design service. She offers down-to-earth advice while guiding you through the design or re-modelling process. Consultations available for €250.


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