Boring Flooring!!! My tips on Selecting the Right Flooring for your Home

flooring samplesChoosing a new floor is very exciting, but also a little bewildering. What type of flooring should you buy? What’s going to look best in your house? Should you use a variety of materials, or just one? The following advice will help you select the floor which will look best in your home.


Flooring 2Consider Form and Function ~ When selecting anything for your home, from flooring to furniture, consider how you need that product to function for you. It’s important to get the look you want, but even more important that it function the way you need it to. You may love the look of plush white carpeting, but it definitely won’t function in your family room with sippy cups and sticky fingers! of Three ~ When considering how many different flooring materials to have in your home, this is a rule-of-thumb to remember: While standing in any one place in your home, it’s best to not see more than two different flooring materials within your view. More than two, and it’s too busy. That said, I believe less-is-more, and less than three is even better! Whether it’s wood, tile, or carpet, try and keep your flooring materials consistent.

flooring tips, flooring adviceGo with the Flow ~ Think of your floors as the “backdrop” of your home. Ideally, it’s good to have a seamless flow from room-to-room, and having the same flooring throughout the common areas of your home provides that flow. Common areas would be your main living areas, such as the living room, family room, dining room and hallway. And, even better if you can include the kitchen.

How to Break it Up ~ If you do want to change flooring from room-to-room, the bedrooms and bathrooms are the best choices for mixing things up but try and keep the tone of the floor similar in order to create flow and continuity.


Jane Dennehy, owner of Jane Dennehy Interiors

From single room makeovers to major refurbishments, to newly built homes or commercial properties, Jane Dennehy Interiors offers vibrant and professional interior design service. She offers down-to-earth advice while guiding you through the design or re-modelling process. Consultations available for €250.


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