Turn your Home from Drab to Fab! My Simple Tips

Sometimes simple changes might be enough to give your home a new lease of life. So if you’re keen to freshen your home for the new season without breaking the budget see below for a few simple ways to take your home from cosy winter into lively spring.

Brighten up with a lick of paint…. For a fresh and clean change to any room, paint makes the biggest impact for the least amount of money. Whether your style is classical, contemporary or vintage, with the extensive colour palettes available it is easy to change your space

Artwork… Move around your artwork – it is easy to get used to a certain look but just by moving around your artwork and pictures you can create a whole new feel costing you nothing at all.

–       Group your artwork/ photography together;
–       Use similar frames or display all colour or all black & white photos;
–       Vary the frame sizes and introduce a focal point;
–       Before putting nails into the wall, layout all your pictures on the floor and
move things around until your arrangement is exactly how you want it! Then
hang them one by one onto the wall;
–       Display photos as well as signs and other unique wall décor;

Furniture… If you aren’t inclined to move your artwork, look at how you can reposition your room layout. Firstly take out most of the pieces in the room and start again, bringing back a major piece (like a sofa) and then some accessories like a rug or lamp and then slowly bring back the rest of the furniture. You might like the new feeling of space. If so keep it like this for a week and see if you like the change and adjust as you please. Use angles with your sofas and chairs, take away an end table, coffee table and bulky lamps for a lighter look. Add a tall bookcase for storage; replace a coffee table with an ottoman etc. Try something different and you may love it as we can get stuck in a rut.

Accessories… Add a pop of the seasons trend colour with new accessories such as cushions on a sofa in various shapes, sizes, styles. Hang a new print, add new towels, bed linen or curtains. Then simply try filling a white container with fresh fruit and flowers as a centerpiece. Lighting can be easily updated without breaking the bank. Add new lamps that visually take up less space with a spring colour introduced into the lampshade as the accent colour of the room.

Jane Dennehy, owner of Jane Dennehy Interiors

From single room makeovers to major refurbishments, to newly built homes or commercial properties, Jane Dennehy Interiors offers vibrant and professional interior design service. She offers down-to-earth advice while guiding you through the design or re-modelling process. Consultations available for €250.


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