Spring is here!!

Grey 1Spring is here!!

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, well sometimes!! All signs that spring is finally here. With Easter, Holy Communions, Confirmations all just around the corner or whether you just want to bring a touch of springtime colour into your home, paint makes the biggest impact for the least amount of money. However with the vast number of colours available, it can be very overwhelming on which colour to use. If you are finding it hard to choose your colours, here are my tips on how to do just that.

  • Check your surroundings Wall paints are inexpensive and can be created in any colour and in any hue. It’s best to start with harder to find items such as curtains, furniture rugs and carpets. Once you’ve selected your furnishings you can then move on to wall colour. Check your curtains, rugs, carpets, paintings etc. and select a neutral colour that would coordinated with these existing items. However if your accessories are all neutral you my prefer a bold and powerful walls.
  • Create continuity.
    Plan your colour scheme in relation to how much of each room is visible from another room. This way, you will be able to create flow and continuity.  For example if you paint your kitchen, dining and family room all the same colour, link the space with accessories just as coordinating blinds, curtains, cushions, rugs, artwork etc.
  • Pick the colours you like best.
    Do you tend to prefer blues, yellows, and greens? Start with a colour that best suits you. Then take that colour and look at it several shades and hues lighter and several shades and hues darker. Pick up a Dulux Signature or Colour Trend Colour cards they offer a variety of different tones and hues.
    For example if have selected two shades, one has more of a grey undertone (Dulux: Mid Shadow) and the other more of a blue undertone (Dulux: Mid Cloud). Perhaps select one hue for the dining room and the other for the living room. To make them work together select brilliant white for the ceiling, skirting boards, & architrave etc. as will create a good contrast and again connect the two rooms with coordinating accessories.
  • Choosing  colours for the right room.
    Light reflects and deflects colour, changing it constantly, throughout the day. A room’s truest colours are those found in the daylight hours and the hues will alter throughout the day and the seasons as the lighting changes. So it’s always best to get samples. Once you have a few colours on the wall leave them up for a few days and see which one you would live with best.  Best of luck and Happy Painting !!


Jane Dennehy, owner of Jane Dennehy Interiors

From single room makeovers to major refurbishments, to newly built homes or commercial properties, Jane Dennehy Interiors offers vibrant and professional interior design service. She offers down-to-earth advice while guiding you through the design or re-modelling process. Consultations available for €250.




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